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We are a design consultancy firm, telling your story through spaces and all the props that it encompasses. We see ourselves as story tellers with you as our protagonist. We are big on giving a space personality, functionality and individuality. 


We like experimenting and believe in the fluidity of design style bound by the characteristics of the space. We innovate by combining solutions and visions. 

We have trustworthy design and execution collaborations Pan India. Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Jaipur to name a few.


View the entire portfolio on Behance:



(Creative Director, founder)


Rishika Sutwala, studied Visual Communication from MOP Vasihnav College, Chennai, India and Interior Design from FIDM, Los Angeles, USA. Rishika’s exposure to various design fields such as graphic design, television production and fine arts adds an extra dimension to how she perceives a space. Rishika has over 6 years of Industry experience in various cities and countries, including reputed firms such as Osborne and Little,Los Angeles, FADD Studio,Bangalore and Ruchi S Design,Mumbai. Working in multiple cities made her adaptable and sensitive to culture, eclectic design sensibilities, varied clientele, their needs, processes and sources. Her designs are based on her large library of experiences. With a go big or go home attitude, Rishika strives for originality and innovation and The Prop House marks this journey.


(Principal Architect, founder)


Siddharth Sharma, studied Architecture from Ayojan College of Architecture, Jaipur, India. With a spirit of a vagabond and principles of balance, Siddharth’s approach to design is minimal but also fearless. His passion for precision and detail has him deconstructing and reconstructing modules to achieve a vision. Siddharth has over 6 years of Industry experience with firms of varied strengths and expertise. Like, Figments-Pune, FADD Studio- Bangalore and AKFD-Jaipur. Over these years, Siddharth has evolved as a stickler for organised, problem solving design that incorporates the client's life style and preferences aesthetically. He enjoys the journey of design as much as the output. Siddharth aims to create, build, add value and innovate with the medium of design.


1 how-01_edited.png

Protagonist & Set



Drawing Board

5 how.png


Blue Prints

We chit-chat, stalk your Pinterest board, examine the site and get your brief.

We plan your space based on functionality and put together mood boards, elevations and 3Ds to represent our collective vision for the space. The stage where our desktop has 10,000 tabs open.

We translate our design into a zillion lines and symbols that form 

the working drawings docket. The language of skilled technicians. 


3 how-01.png


2 how.png


6 how-01.png



We monitor and coordinate with the contractor on board to ensure the execution is as per our design intent. (Voice notes, bad sketches on walls and saw dust et all) 

Set Dressing

Selections! Negotiations! And Evolution! We source furniture and materials, collaborate with talented vendors, see samples and mock ups in context to achieve our design.

Post Production

To finally complete the set, we fluff it up with accessories like rugs, cushions and your family heirlooms.

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