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SQFT: 1500 SQFT 2.5 BHK 

Enriched by classic handlooms, earthy textures and hand me downs that echo history and memories, with a back bone of utility and contemporary sensibilities; this fusion represents the rooted homeowners in a cosmopolitan world. The house was designed to acknowledge the additions to one’s life with changing times celebrating the bareness of the shell. It was to allow the space to grow with the residents. Blank walls to be adorned with art that makes you feel, surfaces with stories of the past and spaces with room for the future. It is a still life that paints a picture of the conversation of eras. 

The house hums the sacred energy of minimalism. It reflects a slow life where activities of the regular nature are cherished and intentionally enjoyed. Every element reflects a belief, personality and history. Ruled by essentialism, life is breathed into this builder apartment shell with echoes of nostalgia, belongingness and tales of travel. The brief was simple- a home with a lived in feeling, a home that has room to evolve with the inhabitants keeping utility and budget in mind.



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